Time Tracking

Time Tracking Module

Get Control over your Time with Time Tracking

Time is money, track yours right.

   The time clock is a common feature of most offices and businesses. It can a challenge though for companies that run projects, handle cases, and have service workers who are constantly out in the field. More often than not you simply can't take your time clock with you, or adapt it to every time tracking need you have. 

   Enter the CloudLink time tracking module. This tool lets you have a totally mobile time clock, and gives you the ability to track labor on nearly any type of job or project you ran and for multiple reasons ranging from actual work to paid time off or vacation. By accurately tracking your projects and jobs you can bill your customers better, as well as understand where you spend your most time, and produce intelligence that can tell you where you need to improve. 

   GPS stamp your employee time while clocked in so you know they are working at the job site they are supposed to be at. Learn who is most efficient with certain types of tasks, and use the tracked labor to easily generate bills, and even templates for future us. Estimate time on projects and even for the installation of products that you sell.

  • Time Tracking for tasks, appointments, and work orders
  • Make manual time entries for tasks performed to assist with time based billing.
  • Clock in and out of work, into a branch, or even into a job, task, or work order.

General Features

  • Use the time clock anywhere
  • Run labor reports
  • Export labor for use with payroll
  • Bill labor directly to clients
  • Track labor against jobs
  • Track labor against specific tasks
  • Track labor against projects
  • Clock In and Out of Tasks and Work Orders
  • Track time spent on appointments
  • Track arrival and departure times for work orders

Would you like to see our time tracking in action? Watch this short webinar regarding our time management and time tracking modules.