Scheduling Module

Schedule Better. Smarter. Faster.

Right On Time, every time.

   Controlling your schedule can be difficult, and scheduling the time of your team can be a nightmare. With our scheduling tools you have the power to control your resources on a whole new level. Create groups, crews, and assign multiple individuals to appointments. Assign inventory and product to tasks.

   Using our easy drag and drop calendars you can quickly setup work schedules, crew calendars, dispatch boards, and keep a great pulse on where your staff is, and where they need to be from wherever you are at. Empower people at your office to know where and how to get to their appointments, and even utilize our automatic scheduling features which can help you best assign the right people to the right job based on distance. 

   Switch instantly between daily, weekly, and monthly views to get a good overview of your projects, tasks, work orders, and jobs. Track their progress as part of your schedule and always know when you are on-time or behind. Gain better insight into how your company is succeeding at every step of the way.

Use CloudLink to schedule appointments, work orders, and tasks.
  • A clean easy to use drag and drop dispatch board, for desktop and mobile use
  • Schedule easily with our drag and drop project, job, and task calendars. Schedule multiple appointments and setup time slots.
  • Set appointments with multiple attendees, turn into work orders, and bill hours automatically.
  • Track many complex details including times, work flow status, and build your own automation steps.
  • Keep your customers in the know by sharing details with them, messaging them, and allowing their details to be dispatched to technicians.

General Features

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Create Work Orders
  • Dispatch Appointments and Work Orders
  • Schedule Projects and Tasks
  • Create Crew Schedules
  • Schedule Trips and Deliveries
  • Create GPS driven schedules
  • Suggest appointment times based on distance
  • Add multiple attendees
  • Create appointments for jobs and projects
  • Convert tasks to appointments or work orders

Would you like to see our scheduling solution in action? Watch this short screencast with Warren Mills, reviewing our scheduling and dispatch features.