Jobs and Projects

Jobs and Projects Module

Track your Jobs, Projects, and Task without Headaches

More Jobs. Less Headaches.

When you run a service business your jobs and projects are the heart of your business. Running a job from start to finish and ensuring the quality control stays high is critical to finding success. With CloudLink's Jobs and Projects Module you have all the tools you need to successfully manage, schedule, and deliver on any job. We give you the tools to create proper budgets, set expenses, and determine the resources you need to get your projects done. 

We give you access to easy to use project calendars, scheduling boards, and even give quick access to billing features to make it easier to know when and how to bill your customer. Our project and job templates allow you to create models for the types of jobs you perform and reduce the time it takes to setup new jobs once you've got new business to perform.

For field service management companies track your tasks, work orders, and jobs seamlessly, and even send communications to your staff. Save photos and video from the field, and attach them easily using a mobile device or a computer. Use our GPS tracking service to know where your technicians are and ensure your jobs are getting done and billed for properly.

Job Management, Job Tracking, Project Management, Project Timelines
  • Track detailed project expenses including labor, contractors, and materials.
  • Schedule your tasks, determine how long a project will really take and how your resources need to be arranged.
  • Track labor on jobs, appointments, work orders, and much more.
  • Track project budgets, project managers, start and due dates and much more.

General Features

  • Track Jobs
  • Track Job Costs and Expenses
  • Track Labor for Jobs and Projects
  • Track Projects
  • Track Project Timelines
  • Track Tasks
  • Track Appointments on Jobs or Projects
  • Track Job or Project Budgets
  • Assign Employees to Tasks
  • Track Project and Job Work Flow
  • Assign attachments and notes
  • Create Job and Project Templates