Investor Opportunities

Investor Opportunities: Creating A Win-Win-Win: The Customer, The Company, The Investor

Investing In People. Add A Tech SaaS Software Company To Your Portfolio


Brian Kappus President, CEO/CTO

As an experienced business owner, I understand the need for controlled growth. I also understand how to multiply a repeatable process that allows for explosive controlled growth, and that is what we have built here at CloudLink. I have several Investor opportunities and with over 9 million businesses in the United States alone that fit our targeted vertical market, our software will make a huge impact on small businesses, our bottom line, and your portfolio. 

Our unique approach to automating processes for Installation and Repair Service Companies and our ability to execute to a plan, positions our company for growth, while helping small businesses succeed. The foundation has been built, tested, and proven. Our experience and our creative powerful solution in an untouched vertical market, with proper capitalization, means a win-win-win.

I invite all interested Investors to inquire about participation. Start the discussion today by requesting your information packet below. I'm looking for the right investment, regardless if this is your first time investing or if you are a seasoned investor, we will both know if the fit is a win-win-win.

To Your Success!