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Two Way Data Integration for Small Business Success

Service Based Businesses Meet Your Problem Solver – CloudLink Ultimate

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Service Based Businesses Meet your Problem Solver

When we set out to build the best solution for small businesses we knew that marketing was going to be a very important area. After hours of research we decided the Infusionsoft was where we would start. Our Infusionsoft integration focuses on the relationship between doing business and selling business. Our goal with our Infusionsoft integration is to create a seamless business process flow that starts with marketing automation and ends with successfully delivering products and services to customers.

Our Infusionsoft integration covers the following aspects:

  • Contacts - Easily sync contact data between the two applications; including contact information, notes, appointments, tasks, and tags. Extend your Infusionsoft experience by adding even more contact information, generating maps for client addresses, and using the contacts in the many facets of CloudLink.
  • Appointments and Tasks - Sync tasks and appointments between CloudLink and Infusionsoft. Extend your Infusionsoft capabilities in CloudLink by organizing your tasks into projects and jobs. Dispatch appointments and convert them into work orders that can have product and inventory assigned.
  • Orders - Sync order data between the applications. Extend your e-commerce solution by allowing orders to be created in CloudLink from appointments, projects, jobs, and tasks. Start with estimates and promote them to orders or invoices. Seamlessly keep both systems updated track their fulfillment. Automatically start projects and jobs at the completion of an order with our job template solution.
  • Products - Exchange your product and service information between the systems and extend the information Infusionsoft allows you to store. Keep track of inventory, warehouse locations and much more. Add bills of material, installation labor, and track variants, add-ons, and options for your products. CloudLink supports subscriptions, recurring billing, as well as kits, bundles, and products that require assembly from raw materials.