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Discovery and Define Service

Understanding your Company and Goals is the First Step Toward a Lasting Solution

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At CloudLink we believe the discovery and define service is one of the best places a company can start their journey with us. This is especially true for small companies who aren't sure what solutions need to be applied to help their company succeed. Our discovery and define service provides a small business expert to walk through your processes, and to understand your business so they can provide a set of recommendations for how to best implement our software, and packages that support it.

Most companies will quickly realize that for a complete solution several software packages may be required, including CRM, E-Commerce, and ERP, and Accounting. For smaller simpler operations some of these roles may be combined, but for more complex companies they may represent four different software packages. CloudLink recognizes that this often represents many professionals that work for third-party companies and can help support your organization when making your final decision, as well as providing you the most complete information on how best to implement your solution. Read our white paper on why discovery is important, or read on to see how our Discovery and Define service can help you.

How Discovery Will Keep You From Spending Money Twice

Getting Started

  A discovery and define service from CloudLink costs a flat $2,500.00 USD.  Some or all of this $2,500.00 may be applied to your CloudLink subscription. It is due up front, and work will begin within about 1 business day of your payment. We ask that you have access to some of the following information so that we can get the most out of your Discovery and Define service. 

  • Know what applications you are using now
  • Know the general process your business uses from marketing and sales, to delivery of product or services
  • Understand what critical things your existing applications already do
  • Have copies or an idea of what type of reporting you will need
  • Know the vendors you are currently using to complete any software projects you are working on
  • Be prepared to share any information where you'd like us to manage the relationship and help you with the decisions

   Our process is simple, informative, and results in cleaner, smoother processes. These are typically more efficient, and can save you thousands of dollars in double data entry, mistakes with rewrites, or costly replacements of software choices you've already made. This service is like working with a consultant who can help you make the best of the resources you have available for your software solution. 

   The deliverable for this service is a document that outlines your current processes and existing software, the changes you are looking to make, the problems you wish to solve, and our recommended approach to solving these issues. In some cases we do not recommend CloudLink at the end of this service. There may be cases where you are not yet ready for CloudLink or your company would not benefit enough from a CloudLink subscription. In these cases we will recommend an alternative, and assist you in acquiring and implementing the alternative.

What You’ll Get

  • A thorough review of your processes
  • A review and research into your existing software
  • A review of existing software APIs for integration potential
  • Discussions with your existing consultants and contractors
  • A review of what problem you are trying to solve
  • A recommendation on what software and services to apply to solve your problem
  • A recommendation on contractors that can be used to complete the solution
  • A document that describes your requirements, the problem, and the recommended solution.
  • A development plan if CloudLink can be applied to solve the problem with custom development

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