Delivery Module

A Better Way To Pick, Pack, Load, Ship, and Deliver your Products Better

Deliver with Confidence

   Getting your products to your customer quickly, efficiently, and meeting all their expectations is what often makes or breaks a good operation. Our delivery module helps you understand and keep track of all orders, and gives you the tools you need to ensure they are properly fulfilled. This includes everything from automatically managing your inventory to combining multiple orders to make a single load or package. 

   Our delivery solution allows you to create pick tickets for workers, or for warehouse personnel so that delivery vehicles can be properly loaded. Track as your product moves off your tracks and into your client's homes or businesses. Understand what inventory you are short when deliveries are needed and quickly generate purchase orders and purchase lists to replenish your inventory right from your delivery and fulfillment screens. 

   Best of all you can skip the delivery completely and work with third party fulfillment houses or providers and still track the orders and their status all from within the CloudLink Solutions delivery module.

Track deliveries, create loads, pick tickets, packing slips and more.
  • Automatically fulfill and create packing slips for orders that need to be shipped.
  • Mark orders that you won't handle the inventory for as drop shipped from the vendor, while automatically creating a drop ship purchase order.
  • Automatically create loads, bills of lading, and pick tickets for delivery drivers, and service technicians.
  • Partially fulfill any order, or mark individual line items as drop shipped.

General Features

  • Pick Tickets
  • Packing Slips
  • Create Packages
  • Create Loads
  • Automatically create packages from orders
  • Drop Shop from Suppliers with both purchase orders and sales orders
  • Deliver to multiple locations
  • Add shipping tracking numbers
  • Receive returns and track defects and damages
  • Track delivery processes and work flow.

Would you like to see more? You can watch a short screencast about our delivery capabilities.