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CloudLink ERP Solutions was founded in 2013 as a spin-off from an older client/server based ERP software solution. EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is typically found only in medium to large businesses. Our goal was to create a scaled-down ERP software solution for small businesses and that is exactly what we have accomplished.

CloudLink ERP Solutions is a stand-alone cloud-based small business management software platform that can also be used seamlessly with Infusionsoft® and QuickBooks Online®. Our integrated platform allows a small business owner to manage their business using CloudLink while using Infusionsoft® to grow their business with marketing automation and QuickBooks Online® for handling the accounting of it all. The functionality of the platform includes appointments and scheduling, service and dispatch, inventory management, project management, work order management, and quote, estimate and invoice management.

CloudLink ERP Solutions is led by industry veterans, Brian Kappus and Warren Mills. Both have many years of experience in supporting the needs of small businesses and channel partners.

CloudLink focuses on the true small business owner who typically has 1- 25 employees, by providing software to help manage the business. To that end CloudLink has developed strategic partnerships with companies such as Infusionsoft®, Hewlett-Packard®, and Intuit®. These relationships provide beneficial access to additional solutions that complement CloudLink's capability to help small businesses grow and improve their revenue streams. These relationships will benefit each small business owner in a meaningful manner.

Our Company is passionate about one thing and that is helping small business owners. We look forward to helping you.

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We Understand Small Business

At CloudLink we live and breathe small business. You might ask why, and the answer is very simple. We are small business. We understand the challenges small businesses face because we deal with them too.

We built CloudLink Ultimate by taking a look at what the important things in our own business are and translated that to this product. Every field, every label, every tab, every page, every "thing" has been intentionally considered and designed to allow Freedom for every business owner to design the processes and workflows that represent Freedom to them, their business, and their Customers, Vendors and Partners.

 Our expertise goes into all of our products and nurtures how we interact with customers. It has taught us our four core virtues - passion, patience, integrity, and expertise. We understand through these virtues how to truly help small businesses and their owners achieve growth and success.

We are committed to providing you with our best. Our best service, our best advice, our best recommendations, and our best software that will help you and your business experience the Freedom that we experience at CloudLink.