Ultimate Lite – Service

Ultimate Service Management

  • Track your time against projects tasks and appointments, then quote or bill your clients at the touch of a button.
  • Track from any type of unit, create templates, and build out complex services from subscriptions to one time orders.
  • Time, Billing, and Project Management, Under one roof.
  • Easily create setup delivery services, or scheduled drivers to go via GPS to customer locations.

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Do you provide services?

No matter what type of service you offer, CloudLink has a way to track that service. Service based businesses can find many ways to benefit by increasing efficiency, reducing overhead, and better tracking projects, tasks and appointments. By increasing efficiency you can handle a bigger work load without the need to increase support staff. Our automated features regarding job and project tracking, customer process, and sales process help you to move your customers from sold to delivered faster and better than ever before.

Handle everything from quoting and estimating to tracking each step of your service including: project management, job tracking, tasks, appointments, dispatch, messaging, subscriptions, and more. CloudLink Service starts at $99 /month for 3 users, with an initial Implementation Fee.

Jobs and Projects

   If you perform jobs, work orders, or projects our Jobs and projects solution is for you. Track labor, expenses, time spent performing tasks, and gain valuable insights into your operation. Control budgets, create estimates, and build out templates for performing the same types of jobs over and over again. Create unlimited notes and attachments to hold all of the important information from you project or job. Most important you can initiate billing directly from the project or job screen to easily get paid once the work is done.

Give yourself the advantage of a well oiled machine, with CloudLink Service.


   Learn how Tempe, Arizona based Rooter 2000 solved their dispatch issues using CloudLink Service. Learn how SMS texting from their dispatch board made their lives easier. 

Time Tracking

   If you bill by the hour or for a time period our time tracking solution will help you. Clock in and out of tasks as needed, or enter time manually (controlled by an administrator). Track tasks and how much time was spent on each one, or create billable containers to bill hours to. Track different billing rates for your time, and get detailed with how your time is being spent so you can more easily justify expenditures and expenses to your customers. 


   This advanced scheduling solution that ranges from setting appointments to dispatching work orders solves most of the problems a modern small business will face with their scheduling needs. Create appointments with multiple attendees, schedule it on daily, weekly, or monthly calendars with views by job, by person, or by crew. Dispatch appointments or work orders out to staff by SMS text message or email. Track the status of each appointment on a clean dispatch board, or view the progress of appointments on one of our calendar options. 


   Bill your clients and receive payments online. Track different pricing levels, pricing types (like subscriptions and recurring orders), and even different costs that you may incur when hiring contractors. Easily build bills from projects, jobs, or works, and invoice your customers via email. Convert orders directly into projects, jobs, or work orders by creating order templates for specific job types. Generate estimates and promote them to orders and invoices at the click of a button.