CloudLink Implementation

The Only Way To Get Started

Implementation vs Discovery and Define:

There is a difference between our Implementation Service and our Discovery and Define Service. Implementation is required at the time your CloudLink subscription starts. We gather the information that we need to implement the software during brief calls and discussions about your business. We have best practices in place and after listening to your existing processes, it is fairly easy to get you into your new system. This is implementation.

Occasionally, before we determine if CloudLink is the right solution for you, we need to have conversations that are more in line with Consulting, as it may not be easy to identify your business processes and what your needs are. These conversations typically involve more of your team members and ours and takes us through many different aspects of your business. This is Discovery and Define and that fee is a flat $2,500.00.

Our goal is to keep your investment into CloudLink to a minimum and we will work hard to do that.

Onboarding and Implementation: Learning How To Use CloudLink

The CloudLink platform gives you a blank canvas to work with when setting up your new system. Our onboarding and implementation team will help you organize your data, translate your processes into the CloudLink Workflow, and help you get started using the system.

The fee for our implementations vary, typically between $250.00 - $2,500.00 (USD) depending on a few varying factors that we will discuss during our calls. This fee is outlined to you during our discovery calls, before you start your subscription, and is due when the subscription starts.

During a typical implementation we will:

  • Review Your Processes - This review is designed to walk through your business processes, and configure CloudLink to work smoothly with those processes. Settings, Security, Permissions, Users, User Groups, Tags, and Workflow are all discussed and configured during this process.
  • Prepare Your Data - We review your existing data and determine the viability of importing that data into CloudLink. When moving into a new software solution, honestly, it is sometimes best and more efficient to not import your old data. Our team will help you determine what the best thing to do with your data will be and help import that data if necessary.
  • Train You - Our training will be broken down into bite sized pieces. We start at the basics and work with you through the different functionality of the system, expanding your knowledge along the way. There is also online help available that can be accessed anytime too. We recognize that not everyone will learn at the same pace and not everyone likes to be trained the same way. This service allows for that flexibility taking as much time as you deem necessary to ensure a successful onboarding.

Most businesses will fall in the $250.00 - $500.00 range for onboarding and implementation.