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Ultimate Product and Inventory

  • If you sell it, we can track it.
  • Parts, pieces, kits, bundles, all easy to build.
  • Big or small, we can help. Sales, inventory, delivery.
  • Anywhere you need to be, we'll be there with you.
  • If you need to track it, we can. Colors, sizes, and more.
  • Cloud-based, efficient and mobile ready

Do you sell physical products?

Ultimate Product offers small business owner’s the FREEDOM to prepare accurate estimates, manage orders and invoices, track inventory and shipping, and accept credit card payments online.

It doesn't matter if you are selling products in a retail store, online, or over the telephone. At the end of the day, you need to get those products delivered to your customer. Ultimate Product helps small businesses do just that. From ordering your products from vendors, to making products from parts, all the way to delivering the product to your clients, CloudLink is there for you.

Ultimate Product brings all of your channels together with one of the best small business management systems available. Brought to you on the cloud and mobile ready so you can do business where and when you need to. Read below about how Ultimate Product can help your business thrive, for only $99.00 / month with an initial Implementation Fee.

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Learn how Toasted Pixie, a CloudLink user reduced their inventory costs, found a new product to sell, and satisfied their customers with CloudLink Product.


   If you buy products from vendors our purchasing module can help you setup proper cost levels, generate purchase orders, and give you insights into how your products are being used and how often. Based on usage and immediate need purchase orders can be created automatically, or generated when you need them. Purchasing can also be performed without purchase orders and items added immediately to inventory. 



   Whether you need to create estimates, sales orders, or invoice your customers; our order module can help you streamline your business processes. Create estimates on the fly that can be promoted to orders or invoices. Email estimates, orders, or invoices directly to your customers, and accept payments from them in the office or in the field. Track your sales, and how they affect your product usage. Easily track which orders are fulfilled, and which ones still need work.


   Everything you need to run your business from retail operations to online stores. Track inventory, locations, and branch operations. Learn how and where you use your products and always keep a clear picture of just how much of a product you have on hand or on order. Use our software to help you make better ordering decisions, and even track bills of materials, kits, bundles, and parts. Easily move items, make changes, and track detailed inventory information like serial numbers, lot numbers, dye lots, and features like sizes, colors, and other options.


   Track the location of your products from warehouses to mobile inventory locations like trucks. Track multiple branches, warehouses, and other storage locations. Understand what you've got in the field, in trucks, or sitting in the office. Keep a pulse on where everything you have is, and easily move product back and forth between multiple locations when starting work.


   When it comes to getting your products delivered and keeping your customers satisfied CloudLink is the answer. From creating pick tickets and packing slips, to creating loads and packages. All of your shipping and delivery needs can be handled with our easy to use cloud interface. Track drop shipments to clients, manage fulfillment centers, or pack and ship items yourself.