Howdy! I’m Brian Kappus, President, CEO/CTO of CloudLink ERP Solutions. I’m excited to share with you some tips on how to eliminate three common pain points plaguing businesses providing services to consumers (B2C). Over the past 30 years I have worked in industries or with business owners that provide services and what I have found is that there are three specific areas of the business that cause the most pain for business owners. I ended up putting together an informative eBook which allowed me to get into greater detail about each pain point and how to solve them; and that eBook is now available to you for free. There are three specific pain points that I cover in the eBook and if you own or work in one of these popular service industries or actually in any of the thousands of service related business that exists, you should definitely read the eBook.

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Pain Point 1: Time tracking, tasks, billing and expenses

In the eBook I give you unique insight into how calculating how much automating specific parts
of your business can actually save you enough money to pay for your system.

Pain Point 2: Scheduling and dispatching

I teach you how to automate this manually intensive part of your business freeing
you from having to apologize for missed appointments.

Pain Point 3: Work order/job management

From dawn till dusk you work for your customer. I show you the automated systems that work for you
all day long so you can help more customer daily and easily manage each customers’ expectations.


In the eBook, I tell you how I solved these three pain points for my own business.
If you have these pain points then this eBook is definitely for you.
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If you know you have this pain and want to skip the reading and just get down to
letting us help you eliminate your pain, then by all means, we are ready to help.
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