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Brian Kappus

CloudLink ERP Solutions Announce Brian Kappus as New President, CEO, CTO

Renewed business strategy, leadership and funding means big benefits for small businesses

(Mesa, Arizona, July 1, 2015) – CloudLink ERP Solutions, a provider of cloud-based small business management software, is pleased to announce Brian Kappus as its new President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Kappus takes the reins of President from Warren Mills, who will remain onboard as Chief Operating Officer, and assumes the role of CTO from CloudLink founder, Brian Kennedy, who has departed from the organization.

Kappus has been associated with CloudLink since December, 2012. Prior to joining CloudLink, he held executive or leadership positions with Infusionsoft®, All Covered® and North American Title®. He also founded Diversified Business Solutions, LLC in 2002, and has been providing C-level consulting as a virtual CTO to small businesses. He remains an Infusionsoft® Certified Partner, with strong ties inside the Infusionsoft Partner Ecosystem.

“I am excited about the immediate and impactful improvements CloudLink is making to enhance the experience our customers, prospects and partners enjoy with both our company and our software platform,” said Kappus. “We now have a unique opportunity to bring together the numerous trusted relationships we enjoy with partners in all aspects of small business for the sole benefit of the small business owner. With a fresh business strategy and new leadership, we will begin to implement changes that our customers will immediately benefit from.”

CloudLink ERP Solutions is a cloud-based small business management software platform that can also be used seamlessly with Infusionsoft® and QuickBooks Online®. Integrating the company’s business management platform with Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing automation platform and accounting functionality of QuickBooks Online gives the customers the ability to run their entire business from anywhere, at any time, from any device.


CloudLink focuses exclusively on helping the true small business owner who typically has 1- 25 employees by providing software to manage their business. CloudLink has developed strategic partnerships with companies such as Infusionsoft®, Hewlett-Packard®, and Intuit®. These partnerships provide beneficial access to additional solutions that complement CloudLink’s capability to help small businesses grow and improve their processes and revenue streams. For more information, visit CloudLink ERP Solutions.