ERP for Small Business

Marketing with Infusionsoft

As a small business one of the most important things is marketing and driving leads to sales. Keeping your customers, and learning how to sell new things to them is often equally important, and for some businesses can be more important. At CloudLink we recognize that fact, and have geared our system’s integration with Infusionsoft, one of the industries best CRM and marketing automation tools.

One might wonder why we chose the path of integrating our marketing concerns with Infusionsoft first, and the answer is really quite simple. Their market is in line with our market, and so are their goals. With so many CRM options out there, we needed to find a company that was looking for the same type of customer we were. We needed a company that was focusing on delivering solutions geared toward our customer, the small business that wants to grow and become more efficient. The second reason was less obvious, but far more important. Infusionsoft has become know as one of the top marketing automation tools, and this really appealed to us.

Part of the power of CloudLink is automating business processes. As great as that it is, it still leaves a customer disconnected from the marketing aspects involved with serving your customers, and encouraging repeat business. With that in mind, we developed our integration with Infusionsoft to connect customers to the power of automated communications AND automated business processes.

Our powerful business process automation tools can now be applied to run your business and deliver faster and more efficiently with your customers, and be opened up to marketing automation in the form of well crafted connectivity to Infusionsoft marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be created to keep your customer in the loop and provide valuable information about their working relationship with you that opens many more opportunities for you to up-sell and resell to your customer that don’t feel contrived or unnatural in nature.

By having new places to communicate with your customers you improve your communication and market more simultaneously. For instance, by letting your customers know their package has been shipped via email, you can also let them know that customers who purchased what they purchased also purchased something else. By letting them know that you’ve started on their project, you can let them know what other customers have added as additional services.

This new set of tools combined with CloudLink truly empower your business to be a constant marketing machine, all the way through your operations, and through the delivery of your products or services with your customers. They also give you ample opportunities to further engage your customers by inviting them to opt-in for additional marketing. This can bring customers who you have very little engagement from into closer connection with you and potentially create totally new revenue streams for your business.

As we say here at CloudLink, if Infusionsoft helps you grow your business, we help you run it. As an Infusionsoft user, if you aren’t using CloudLink yet, now is the time to start. Our connectivity creates new marketing points for you as well. You may have excellent campaigns built out, but they are likely either built into websites and other processes, or highly manual in nature with your opportunities. You can change this easily by introducing CloudLink into the process management role and get better control over running your business as you grow it.

For those of you interested in learning more about Infusionsoft, you can start your search here.

For those who want to learn more about CloudLink, you can start your journey here.